GW Business Associations
GW Exterminating Business Associations Since 1971 Glenn Willis of GW Exterminating has entered into Associations to promote his Pest Control business. Here are some of his current business memberships. LIST OF CITIES GW EXTERMINATING SERVICES;; "Cusseta, Al" | Auburn | Beallwood | Box Springs | Buena Vista | Cataula | Columbus | Cottonton | Cusseta | East
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Flea Control facts and tips
  GW Exterminating now offers “Indoor and Outdoor” state licensed Mosquito control Flea Control Facts Fleas can transmit diseases, like the Zika virus, when taking a blood meal from a host or via contaminated fecal pellets. Fleas have no wings, but they can make impressive jumps Fleas are comfortable indoors and out. Adults are parasites

Pest Management Columbus Ga.
No Job too big or too small Our pest control experience and training runs deep. Pests destroy homes and buildings and their contents; termites alone cause over $5 billion in damage annually. The Importance of Pest Management Pests can transmit disease-causing organisms including West Nile Virus, Lyme Disease, malaria, plague, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, hantavirus, and encephalitis.
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GW Exterminating Columbus, Ga. Our Home Town
GW Exterminating Columbus Ga – Our hometown GW Exterminating Columbus Ga. is your hometown choice and is conveniently located behind Saint Francis Hospital at 3908 Woodruff Rd. We located our office right in the middle of the city so we can answer your call quickly. Use our contact page to get in touch or call 706-653-7400. Our Columbus
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Formosan Termites in Columbus Ga
Formosan Termites in Columbus, Ga. The Formosan termite began to show up in the Columbus area about seven years ago. I remember  all the termite companies talking about it. The large Termite Companies began to exclude Formosus from their guarantees,thus limiting their liability and leaving their customers holding the bag. Columbus, Ga. is now experiencing Formosus… (0 comment)

Kudzu Bug Columbus Ga Treatment
Yes, there’s a new bug in town. If you live in the Double Churches Rd area, you may be bothered with the Stink Bug’s cousin, the Kudzu Bug. If you live in an area infested with Kudzu vines or heavy undergrowth and you have a light-colored house or structure you could be this bugs next target. Give
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GW Customer Service Value
At GW Exterminating, Customer Service is not a secrete. The word has been out for years. You can pick up the phone and see for yourself. Not only do we cater to our customers, we do it with a great big smile. You are most certainly in good hands when you use GW Exterminating for
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Termidor Certified Treatment – Termites don’t stand a chance
GW Exterminating is a Termidor Certified Professional Termidor is the number one termiticide in the World and GW Exterminating uses Termidor for a premium termite treatment. Manufactured by BASF, they describe the Game changing termiticide Termidor below. Find out how Termidor works to eliminate the entire termite colony and does it with no chemical odor.

Ant Control Indoor and Outdoor
  Indoor – Outdoor Ant Control COLUMBUS, GA.– Wouldn’t it be nice to treat once a year to get rid of ants? I was skeptical when GW told me about their elimination process, but I’ve had two treatments now, that’s two years without ever seeing an ant. Impossible, nope, it’s true. GW definitely knows ant control.
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