Common Ant Control Indoor and Outdoor
Indoor – Common Outdoor Ant Control by GW admin COLUMBUS, GA.– Wouldn’t it be nice to treat once a year to get rid of common ants? I was skeptical when GW told me about their elimination process, but I’ve had two treatments now, that’s two years without ever seeing an ant. Impossible, nope, it’s true. GW
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GW Termite Bait System
When Only the Best Will Do GW Exterminators offers the highest rated, most advanced termite bait station system in America. The Advance Termite Bait System. The Advance System was built to last 90 days between services. Aspen wood bait and compressed cellulose provide an ample termite food supply for just over 90 days. Why is

Flying Ant or Termite Swarmer
Know the Difference between an Ant or Termite According to Flying Ant or termite swarmer look similar yet are very different. They are as different as, horses and cows, but they are so small you have to look close to see the difference. GW Techs know the difference. Ants have a pinched waist and bent
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