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Common Ant Control Indoor and Outdoor

Common Ant Control Indoor and Outdoor
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Indoor – Common Outdoor Ant Control

by GW admin

COLUMBUS, GA.– Wouldn’t it be nice to treat once a year to get rid of common ants? I was skeptical when GW told me about their elimination process, but I’ve had two treatments now, that’s two years without ever seeing an ant. Impossible, nope, it’s true. GW definitely knows ant control. I highly recommend the service. I still find it hard to believe this treatment works as well as it does, but it does. And it was affordable to eliminate ants from our BBQ and backyard get-togethers.

GW Guaranty – If I see common ants before my year is up, I receive another treatment at no charge. Once a year GW, I’m a believer.

Knowing which type of ant you have dictates how they are treated and controlled.  Believe me, Raid’s Ant and Roach spray just isn’t the answer to getting rid of most ants. Sure it kills on contact but they’ll be back tomorrow. A lasting GW Exterminating Co. solution is what you need. In-door and Out-door ant control is a GW Exterminating Co. specialty. GW Interior and exterior ant applications will carry out the job guaranteed. By eliminating outdoor ants you reduce the possibility of inside ant infestations.

Indoor Common Ants

Indoor Ant Control – A thorough inspection to find the ants points of entry and insect pressure is our first step. Ants sometimes work their way into wall voids through light switch covers and A/C covers. Once there are in there and have set up housekeeping it’ll take more than a spray to get them out. GW techs will apply insecticide dust, use aerosol dispensers, and bait to reach them. A thorough wall void dusting and complete insecticide application with follow-ups on request.

Outdoor Common Ants

Our GW Once A Year Treatment for Outdoor ant eradication is where ant control starts. Looking for, locating, and treating ant harbourages on the exterior of your home can lead to longer term interior control. The use of liquid concentrates, granules, bait and entrance exclusion are tools GW Exterminating Techs use.

  1. Liquid concentrates provide killing power for up to 12 months.
  2. Spread granules in planting beds.
  3. Dust void areas
  4. Baiting of entrance points
  5. Chalking tiny entrance points

GW Exterminating Co. has a solid program to eliminate interior and exterior ants.

Carpenter Ants (Special Service)

Carpenter ant treatments are not included in common ant control and can be extensive. Carpenter ants are mostly social insects attracted to moist or damaged wood around windows, doors and maybe under the sink. They commonly excavate galleries or tunnels in interior wall insulation and wood damaged by fungus caused by water leaks and are often found in conjunction with moisture problems. Workers excavate the nest, forage for food and care for the young. Carpenter ants feed on sugar solutions from honey-dew producing insects such as aphids. Carpenter ants are active during the evening and night hours.

Carpenter ant control can be very difficult and thus requires an integrated approach which involves moisture elimination, removing overhanging tree limbs, stumps, and firewood. It is important to find the source of the ants and satellite nests. After the nest(s) are located GW Technicians will treat them with a residual concentrate, insecticide dust or with Carpenter Ant baits depending on the situation.

Fire Ants (Speical Service)

Fire ants treatments are not included in common ant control service and can be extensive. They get their name because of the fiery pain their sting inflicts upon a victim. While Fire ants usually develop a nest in the ground they have been known to develop nests inside a structure too. Nest often needs several treatments, especially if they are large nests. Using an Insect Growth Regulator (IGR), along with the liquid drench will do the best job with Fire ant elimination. Call GW Exterminating Co., we know how to do lasting ant control.

by GW admin

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