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Formosan Termites in Columbus Ga

Formosan Termites in Columbus Ga
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Formosan Termites in Columbus, Ga.

Formosan Termite carton (nest)

The Formosan termite began to show up in the Columbus area about seven years ago. I remember  all the termite companies talking about it. The large Termite Companies began to exclude Formosus from their guarantees,thus limiting their liability and leaving their customers holding the bag. Columbus, Ga. is now experiencing Formosus as a regular occurrence. Formosans were first noticed in Columbus, Ga just a few years ago and already they are a common and dangerous local pest. While our native southeastern subterranean termites might be successfully treated by a homeowner. I wouldn’t recommend treating Formosans yourself. This is definitely not a Do it Yourself project. Formosans are generally called the “Super Termite” and for good reason. Formosan subterranean termite colonies can be ten times larger than our native species, and individual workers are larger and more aggressive feeders. They do structural damage much faster than our native Southeastern subterranean termites. They never stop eating.

Glenn Willis is the most experienced with Formosan termites in our area. Getting rid of Formosans requires further steps than getting rid of our native subterranean spices. You must inspect for, find, and remove the carton or nest which is usually inside a wall void. This may require the homeowner to do some wall repairs. Then do a complete comprehensive Termidor treatment that requires professional treatment techniques.

If you suspect you may have Formosan termites, give Glenn a call and ask for a free termite inspection. You are never under any obligation.

Formosan Study

formosan termites
Photo Mississippi State University

Source, the Mississippi Agricultural and Forestry Experiment Station at McNeill – Mississippi State University
The McNeill site is one of a few places in the world where the termite resistance of four-by-eight-foot building panels and associated wall framing can be tested in replicated studies.

The Formosan subterranean termite is believed to have arrived in New Orléans and other Gulf Coast ports as World War II was winding down. For almost 40 years it was a nearly invisible past, but during the past decade, it has caused millions of dollars worth of damage to homes in the New Orléans area alone. Formosans are spreading along the Interstate Highway system.

Formosans are now found in portions of Mississippi as well as 13 other states including California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Arkansas, Georgia, Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia and Hawaii. This termite is expected to spread northward in the United States to about 35 degrees latitude, approximately near the border between Mississippi and Tennessee.

The average Formosan subterranean termite colony will contain from 5-10 million individual Formosan termites and a single colony is capable of eating approximately 1,000 pounds of wood per year.

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