GW Pest Control Services Customized Pest Control for Valley Pests

Pest Control Services
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GW has a variety of Pest Control Servies, as you would expect.

by Mike Dukes,  certified Georgia and Alabama editor PestMD and TermiteMD

COLUMBUS, GA. — Our monthly pest control service is the most popular and highly recommended for this area of America. High humidity, mild winters, and hot Sumers lead to high pest pressure. At GW our technicians are loyal employees and are eager to attend training classes to keep them abreast of new products and techniques as they become available. They never pass up a chance to learn to take care of their customer’s concerns. You could say they are dedicated, and it gives them satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment to help our communities remain pest free.

An exterminator, or a pest control professional – is prepared in all features of pest elimination and control, and utilizes an assortment of techniques to keep future infestations from happening. Independent exterminators are accessible in many areas, most mortgage holders enlist Extermination companies to handle the work. While there are numerous suitable do-it-selfers products, supplies, and techniques available, it’s frequently important to bring in the experts

People have been battling back against pests since the beginning of human progress. Pest control was mostly used to protect crops in antiquated human advancements, yet early pest companies started offering the administration to property holders and their services in the late 1800s. From that point forward, an extensive variety of home pest service items and killing systems have been developed.

Here are the types of GW pest services:

  1. Monthly pest control (recommended)
  2. Bi-monthly pest control (must be approved, during inspection)
  3. One time pest clean-out (can be useful for rentals, commercial properties, and real estate agents use this frequently)
  4. Other services available on demand.
  5. Call for pricing and immediately scheduled service.


Specialized Pest Services

These services, listed below, are not included in monthly pest control services and are considered “specialized services”. Got a problem other than common pest control, remember our customers needing a GW Specialized service do so at a big, big discounted price. Contact us for details.

  • Interior and Outdoor Fleas,
  • Bedbugs,
  • Mosquitoes,
  • Fire ants,
  • Rodents, and
  • Wildlife critters,

by Mike Dukes,  certified Georgia and Alabama editor PestMD and TermiteMD