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Kudzu Bug Columbus Ga Treatment

Kudzu Bug Columbus Ga Treatment
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Kudzu Bug
Kudzu bug

Yes, there’s a new bug in town. If you live in the Double Churches Rd area, you may be bothered with the Stink Bug’s cousin, the Kudzu Bug. If you live in an area infested with Kudzu vines or heavy undergrowth and you have a light-colored house or structure you could be this bugs next target. Give us a call if you suspect Kudzu insects. We do the free inspection and make recommendations. You are under no obligation to use our services. We view our inspection service as a community service.

Kudzu Bug is in Columbus

The Kudzu bug is a very small, olive-colored insect that is kin to the stink bug. If you want to identify this insect, just step on it and smell the stinky odor. During certain days they attach themselves to light-colored structures. Treating them can call for several trips, the professionals at GW Exterminating can get rid of them for you.

They are beginning to show up wherever there is dense undergrowth or heavy ground cover. Lush areas of the Kudzu vine are perfect places for these critters to raise their young and multiply.

Keep this undergrowth and Kudzu cut back away from your home.

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